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Thank you from Hamilton Food Share (Empty Bowls 2012)

Dear Mr.Sora and Members of the Potters’ Guild of Hamilton & Region:

They say in the worst of times you see the best in people. These words describe the out-pouring of support from you, our local community. Currently in Hamilton, more than 18,400 people access  a food bank every month and more than 7,600 are children. With the backdrop of shrinking food resources and a steady increase of people turning to a local food bank for help this year, we thank you for your steadfast support . As you are well aware, poverty is one of the largest issues facing our community.The fact that children and babies are going without food is simply unacceptable. Hamilton FoodShare is an umbrella organization with nine member agencies; therefore your generous donation will go towards helping families across the community. Thank you so much to all of the Potters for your hard work and support this year! The 2012 Empty Bowls Event raised a total of $21,150.00. This donation of $21,150.00 will raised approximately $105,755.00 worth of food. Hamilton FoodShare’s Emergency Food Acquisition and Distribution program raises food supplies in three ways: first, through donations from the community and food industry; second through bulk purchases of food items, and third through a program with area farmers called “Community Harvest Hamilton”. This remarkable pilot program produced acres of nutritious food grown specifically for Hamilton Food Share. The impact of your generosity will make a difference today for people who have no where else to turn. On behalf of Hamilton Food Share and the community of people who benefit from your contribution, thank you again.


Rachel O’Reilly
Resource Development Director