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How to change Passwords and Edit Profile

1. Select Edit Profile from the menu to the left of your screen.

2. When the profile page appears scroll to the bottom where you will find password information and enter the new information.

3. Click the ‘Update Profile’ button. How to Edit a Page

1. Once inside your Hamilton Admin, look for the “Pages” tab on the top left sidebar menu and select it. 2. Your pages will appear, Yay! To Edit simply click the title of the page – or – select edit while hovering over your name. 3. On that page, first make sure that the “Visual” tab is selected on the top of the content box. Highlight and change text that needs to be edited in the content area or add text wherever necessary. The area above the content box is where all the formatting tools are located. You can play with the look of your page’s content by using any of those tools. The “kitchen sink” button at the end of the toolbar opens up even more options! 4. After you are done making changes, click on the “Preview” tab that is located in the Publish box to the top right of the page. This will open up a new window that allows you to see all the changes that you just made. Review the content carefully. 5. If you are satisfied with what you see on the preview page, go back to the Publish box and click on the “Publish” button towards the bottom to complete the process.