Members Websites

DUNCAN AIRD – Functional pottery for everyday living
STACI BARRON – Custom stoneware painted sinks, tableware
ELIZABETH BLOCK  - Functional pottery
SUSAN CARD – Decorative porcelain
IRIS DORTON – Functional pottery
CAROLYN FILTER - Functional and decorative pottery
RICHARD FISHER – Wares for the kitchen
JANE HILL – Sculptural and functional porcelain
GABRIELLE KAUFFMAN – Thrown stoneware pottery
RUTH PALLEK - Pottery and jewellery
FRANS ROOD – Raku and stoneware
BUNNY SAFARI- functional pottery
GISE TRAUTTMANSDORFF – Raku and sculpture
ANASTASIA VERPAELST – Functional pottery
DONN ZVER – Handmade stoneware pottery
NIKI GROULX – Functional and Decorative Ceramics
EMMA SMITH –  Wood Fired Tableware
KRYSTAL SPECK – Functional Ceramics & Sculpture
MELISSA SCHOOLEY – Handmade Porcelain
JOSEPH PANACCI – Wood Fired Porcelain Pottery
SCOTT BARNIM – Pottery & Lusterware