Established 1971 in Hamilton, Ontario by thirty two enthusiastic potters, the Guild’s membership has grown to close to four hundred. The Potters’ Guild of Hamilton and Region is a non-profit organization. We are a friendly, diverse and very active group with a common interest, namely “CLAY”. Our members range from students, to full-time professional potters. Many members have their own studios making utilitarian and decorative vessels with smoke, raku, electric, gas reduction and wood firings.
The Guild has many activities. Monthly meetings are held September through April with a speaker. Fall and Spring sales of members’ work finance the running of the Guild. Twice yearly workshops give the opportunity to extend skills. A biennial juried exhibition allows members to show their work to the public. Our woodkiln is fully booked each season. Since its inception the Guild has recognized the importance of giving back to the community hence yearly it makes donations to clay related organizations.

Our Mandate is:
To promote, publicize and encourage the development of ceramic art and crafts in Hamilton and region. To promote, organize and sponsor educational programmes, lectures, demonstrations, literary and video displays. The aim is to improve the skill and artistry in the ceramic arts and crafts in the region.