Fall Sale 2019

Friday November 1        3 pm to 10 pm
Saturday November 2   10 am to 8 pm
Sunday November 3     11 am to 4 pm

Terry Osborne is the Fall Features Artist

Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre 10 Market Street South Dundas


The Guild Sale occurs twice a year at the Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre.
More than 100 potters sell both functional and decorative work during the three day sale.
Admission and parking are free. The building is wheel chair accessible.

Each sale the Guild features one of our members.


Potters Helping Potters - in support of Steve Smith's journey to recovery. Donated pottery will be available at the Hamilton Potters Guild sale with 100% of the proceeds to Steve Smith or donate at Steve`s gomefund

Steve Smith of Talking Earth Pottery, Six Nations Reserve is a second generation potter who has spent his life making beautiful pots. Anyone who has met him knows that he’s funny, generous and giving. He has contracted West Nile virus and has been hospitalized since August. His road to recovery is going to be very long and funds are needed to help cover his immediate and long-term medical costs.

The Guild raised $2,867 for Steve at our Fall Sale.


Empty Bowls is held during our Fall Sale. The bowls are donated by our members and sell for 25.00. All the proceeds go to Hamilton Food Share, an agency which collects surplus food and distributes to emergency food programs. This Fall is our 14th Empty Bowls event. This year we raised $25,080.